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Wagamama Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Wagamama Menu & Prices in UK

Wagamama is serving Asian food in the UK since 1992 and here you can find all the items in their menu from noodles to rice dishes to ramen and their prices.

My Dining Experience at Wagamama

As we entered the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Wagamama, we were greeted by the delightful aroma of Asian-inspired cuisine. The menu was a tantalizing array of options, but for me, there was only one choice – the legendary Chicken Katsu Curry.

With mouths watering and stomachs rumbling, we placed our orders and settled into our seats, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our meals. And let me tell you, when that steaming plate of Chicken Katsu Curry was placed before me, it was like love at first sight.

Chicken Katsu Curry

The dish itself was a work of art – a crispy breaded chicken cutlet smothered in a rich and fragrant curry sauce, served alongside a generous portion of fluffy rice. The chicken was perfectly cooked, with a crunchy exterior giving way to tender, succulent meat that practically melted in my mouth. And the curry sauce? Oh, it was a symphony of flavors – savory, slightly sweet, and just the right amount of spice to tantalize the taste buds.

As I took my first bite, I was transported to foodie heaven. Each mouthful was a culinary delight, bursting with flavor and leaving me craving more. And the best part? The portion was so generous that I was able to share with my friends, allowing us all to bask in the deliciousness together..

Wagamama Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

Hot pots

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken hot pot£14.00
Tofu hot pot (vg)£12.50
Teriyaki beef brisket hot pot£16.50


Menu ItemPrice
Korean barbecue beef buns£7.80
Mixed mushrooms buns (vg)£7.50
Hoisin pulled duck buns£7.80

Our signature gyoza

Menu ItemPrice
Yasai | vegetable gyoza (vg)£7.00
Chicken gyoza£7.50
Duck gyoza£7.80

Sides + sharing

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy chilli mushrooms (vg)£7.00
Roti + raisukatsu (vg)£6.00
Edamame with salt (vg)£4.90
Edamame with chilli + garlic salt (vg)£4.90
Wok-fried greens£5.00
Bang bang cauliflower (vg)£6.00
Ebi katsu£8.00
Tama squid£8.50
Chilli squid£8.50


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken katsu curry£14.00
Yasai katsu curry | vegetables (vg)£13.00
Vegatsu (vg)£14.00
Prawn raisukaree curry£15.50
Chicken raisukaree curry£15.00
Tofu raisukaree curry (vg)£13.00
Prawn firecracker curry£15.50
Chicken firecracker curry£15.00
Tofu firecracker curry (vg)£13.00


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken teriyaki soba£15.00
Chicken + prawn yaki soba£14.30
Yasai yaki soba | mushroom (vg)£12.00
Chicken + prawn pad thai£14.30
Yasai pad thai | tofu (vg)£13.00
Steak teriyaki soba£17.50
Salmon teriyaki soba£16.50
Yaki udon£14.30
Ginger chicken udon£14.30


Menu ItemPrice
Tantanmen beef brisket ramen£16.50
Grilled chicken ramen£14.00
Shirodashi pork belly ramen£15.50
Kare burosu ramen (vg)£13.50

Soulful bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken + caramelised onion koyo bowl£13.50
Salmon koyo bowl£14.50
Aubergine + caramelised onion koyo bowl£11.50


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken gochujang rice bowl£14.00
Silken tofu gochujang rice bowl (vg)£11.50
Beef brisket teriyaki donburi£15.50
Grilled duck donburi£17.50


Menu ItemPrice
White chocolate + ginger cheesecake (v)£7.50
Matcha chouxnut (v)£7.00
Kuromitsu black honey chouxnut (v)£7.00


Menu ItemPrice
Snow onion slaw (vg)£1.00
Sticky rice (vg)£2.00
Steamed rice (vg)£2.00
Noodles (v)£2.00
Miso soup + japanese pickles (vg)£2.00
Japanese pickles (vg)£1.00
Tea-stained egg£1.50
Kimchee (vg)£1.00
Chillies (vg)£1.00


Menu ItemPrice
Mini chicken katsu with katsu curry sauce£6.00
Mini chicken katsu with amai sauce£6.00
Mini yasai katsu with katsu curry sauce (vg)£5.00
Mini yasai katsu with amai sauce (vg)£5.00
Mini chicken ramen£5.50
Mini yasai ramen (vg)£5.00
Mini chicken yaki soba£5.50
Mini yasai yaki soba | rice noodles (vg)£5.00
Mini grilled chicken noodles£5.50

Soft drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Peach iced tea (vg)£3.50
Peach iced tea (vg)£4.00
Cloudy lemonade (vg)£3.50
Coke (vg)£2.40
Diet coke (vg)£2.30
Sprite zero (vg)£2.30
Still water (vg)£2.30
Sparkling water (vg)£2.30

Refreshing juices

Menu ItemPrice
Tropical (regular) (v)£5.00
Tropical (large) (v)£6.00
Power (regular) (vg)£5.00
Spinach. Apple. Fresh ginger£6.00
Positive (regular) (vg)£5.00
Positive (large) (vg)£6.00
Orange (regular) (v)£5.00
Orange (large) (v)£6.00

Alcohol-free beer

Menu ItemPrice
Asahi zero (vg)£5.50
Days pale ale (vg)£5.50

Beer, cider + wine

Menu ItemPrice
Dead and berried cider (vg)£6.20
Lucky buddha (vg)£6.00
North brewing co. Atlantis pale ale (vg)£6.00
Asahi (vg)£4.80
Hawkes east by southeast cider (vg)£6.20
Nice sauvignon blanc wine (vg)£7.00
Nice rose wine (vg)£7.00

Most Popular items on Wagamama Menu

Whether you’re a spice lover, noodle aficionado, or dessert enthusiast, Wagamama’s diverse menu has something for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself at Wagamama, consider trying out one of these delightful dishes – your taste buds will thank you!

Chicken Katsu Curry

Arguably the most iconic dish at Wagamama, the Chicken Katsu Curry is a crowd-pleaser. Tender, crispy chicken served with a mouthwatering aromatic curry sauce and a side of steamed rice; it’s the perfect balance of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

Yaki Udon

For noodle lovers, the Yaki Udon is a must-try. Thick udon noodles stir-fried with an assortment of fresh vegetables, chicken or prawns, and a delightful blend of savory sauces, this dish is a comfort food dream come true.

Firecracker Chicken

If you’re looking for a dish with a kick, the Firecracker Chicken is the one for you. Juicy grilled chicken coated in a spicy, tangy sauce, served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables and rice; it’s a flavor explosion that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Ebi Katsu

Seafood enthusiasts will adore the Ebi Katsu. Succulent tiger prawns, breaded and deep-fried to perfection, accompanied by a zesty citrus dipping sauce. This dish combines the best of Japanese and British culinary elements.

Yasai Pad Thai

Vegetarians and veggie-lovers rejoice! The Yasai Pad Thai offers a tantalizing blend of rice noodles, tofu, and an assortment of crisp vegetables, all stir-fried with Wagamama’s signature Pad Thai sauce. It’s a colorful and appetizing option that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Chicken Ramen

Ramen lovers won’t be disappointed with the Chicken Ramen. A steaming bowl of rich chicken broth, tender chicken slices, perfectly cooked noodles, and an assortment of veggies – it’s a hearty and soul-soothing delight.

Chocolate Layer Cake

Saving the best for last, Wagamama’s Chocolate Layer Cake is a dessert that is simply irresistible. Layers of moist chocolate sponge topped with velvety chocolate icing, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – it’s a heavenly treat to conclude your meal.

FAQs on Wagamama Menu in UK

What type of cuisine does Wagamama offer?

Wagamama specializes in serving Asian-inspired cuisine, primarily focusing on Japanese dishes. Their menu features a diverse range of noodle dishes, rice bowls, ramen, curry, and other Asian delicacies, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available at Wagamama?

Yes, Wagamama offers a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes to cater to diverse dietary requirements. They have dedicated sections on their menu that highlight the plant-based options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal at their restaurants.

Can I make reservations at Wagamama?

In most Wagamama locations in the UK, they operate on a first-come, first-served basis and do not accept reservations. However, some larger or speciality restaurants might have the option for group bookings or events. It is recommended to check with the specific restaurant you plan to visit for more details.

Are there gluten-free options available?

Yes, Wagamama offers gluten-free options for many of their dishes. They provide a separate gluten-free menu that includes a variety of choices to accommodate individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Customers can ask the staff for the gluten-free menu or inquire about gluten-free options when ordering.

Does Wagamama offer takeaway and delivery services?

Absolutely! Wagamama provides both takeaway and delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their meals at home or on-the-go. You can place your order through their website or other food delivery platforms available in your area. Takeaway options are also available for in-person orders at their restaurants.

About Wagamama

Wagamama originated in the United Kingdom in 1992 when Alan Yau, a visionary entrepreneur and restaurateur, opened the first Wagamama restaurant in Bloomsbury, London. Yau’s concept was inspired by his travels across Asia, particularly his experiences in Japanese ramen bars. He envisioned creating a casual dining experience that combined the efficiency and communal seating of traditional ramen eateries with the vibrant and diverse flavors of Asian cuisine. The name “Wagamama” itself, which translates to “self-indulgent” or “self-centered” in Japanese, reflects the idea of enjoying a meal without hesitation or restraint, encouraging customers to savor each dish to the fullest.

From its humble beginnings, the unique concept of Wagamama quickly gained popularity, attracting a diverse clientele of food enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Asia in the heart of London. With its open-plan kitchens and long communal tables, the restaurant’s layout fostered a sense of community and camaraderie, where diners from different walks of life could come together to enjoy delicious food in a relaxed and social setting. The success of the first Wagamama restaurant paved the way for rapid expansion, leading to the establishment of numerous branches across the UK and beyond. Today, Wagamama continues to thrive as a beloved dining destination, embodying its founders’ passion for delivering exceptional Asian cuisine with a modern twist, all served up with a generous helping of British charm.

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Alternatives to Wagamama in UK

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  2. YO! Sushi is a well-known conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain that brings a fun and interactive dining experience to its customers. With a diverse selection of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes, YO! Sushi offers a vibrant atmosphere for enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine.
  3. Pho – Specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, Pho is a popular chain in the UK that serves traditional Vietnamese street food, including its signature dish, Pho noodle soup. With a variety of rice paper rolls, noodle dishes, and refreshing drinks, Pho brings the flavors of Vietnam to the British dining scene.
  4. Franco Manca – For pizza enthusiasts, Franco Manca is a must-visit chain that focuses on crafting traditional Neapolitan sourdough pizzas. With simple yet high-quality ingredients, wood-fired ovens, and a commitment to authentic Italian flavors, Franco Manca has gained a dedicated following across the UK.
  5. Giraffe is a family-friendly chain that offers a diverse menu inspired by flavors from around the world. From burgers and salads to curries and stir-fries, Giraffe aims to satisfy a range of tastes, making it a great choice for groups with different food preferences.

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