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Shake Shack Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Shake Shack Menu & Prices in UK

Shake Shack has been serving fast food in the UK since 2013, and here you can find all the items on their menu, from mouthwatering burgers to indulgent milkshakes to crispy crinkle-cut fries, along with their prices.

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.


Menu ItemPrice
ShackBurger £9.95
Double ShackBurger £12.75
ShackMeister Single Burger £10.25
Double ShackMeister Burger £13.05
SmokeShack Burger £10.90
Double SmokeShack Burger £13.70

Limited Time Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Buffalo Chicken Burger £11.45
Buffalo Chicken Bites 6 count £7.55
Buffalo Chicken Bites 10 count £9.65
Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries £6.55

Featured Shakes

Menu ItemPrice
S’mores Shake £7.30

Group Ordering

Menu ItemPrice
ShackBurger Box £115.99
Crinkle Cut Box £53.99
Chicken Shack Box £120.99
‘Shroom Box £112.99


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Shack Burger £10.35
Chicken Bites – 6 count £7.35
Chicken Bites – 10 count £9.35


Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Shallot Burger £10.55
Double Crispy Shallot Burger £13.05
Shroom Burger £9.70

Flat-Top Dogs

Menu ItemPrice
Hot Dog £6.75


Menu ItemPrice
Fries (V) (VG) £4.75
Cheese Fries (V) £5.75


Menu ItemPrice
Vanilla Cookies & Cream Shake £6.90
Chocolate Shake £6.90
Vanilla Shake £6.90
Strawberry Shake £6.90
Caramel Shake 🥤£6.90
Coffee Shake 🥤£6.90

Soft Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Diet Coke£2.15
Sprite Zero£2.15
Still Water£2.75

Beer & Wine

Menu ItemPrice
Shack Red £25.00
Shack White£25.00


Menu ItemPrice
Bag O’ Bones £6.25


Menu ItemPrice
Shack Cheese Sauce£1.00
Homemade Herb Mayo£1.00
Homemade ShackSauce£1.00

Most Popular items on Shake Shack Menu

When it comes to satisfying fast-food cravings, Shake Shack has quickly become a household name in the UK. With a menu that combines classic American flavors with a modern twist, this beloved chain has something for everyone.

Let’s explore seven of the most popular items on the UK Shake Shack menu that keep customers coming back for more.

The ShackBurger

The ShackBurger is Shake Shack’s signature creation, and it’s a burger lover’s dream come true. Made with a juicy Angus beef patty, American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and the famous ShackSauce, this burger embodies the essence of Shake Shack’s culinary prowess.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

No burger is complete without a side of crispy, golden fries. Shake Shack’s Crinkle-Cut Fries are the perfect accompaniment to your meal. These hand-cut and perfectly seasoned fries are a fan favorite, offering a satisfying crunch with every bite.

Chick’n Shack

For those looking for a chicken option, the Chick’n Shack is a must-try. Featuring a crispy, succulent chicken breast topped with lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo, this sandwich offers a delightful alternative to the classic burger.

SmokeShack Burger

Spice up your burger game with the SmokeShack. This flavorful creation includes a ShackBurger patty, applewood-smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and ShackSauce, delivering a tantalizing blend of smokiness and heat.

‘Shroom Burger

Vegetarians and burger aficionados alike will appreciate the ‘Shroom Burger. It features a deep-fried Portobello mushroom filled with melted cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce—a delicious and satisfying meatless option.

Hand-Spun Shakes

Shake Shack is renowned for its indulgent Hand-Spun Shakes. With a variety of flavors like classic chocolate, vanilla, and seasonal specials, these creamy and thick milkshakes make for the perfect sweet treat to complement your meal.

Hot Dogs

Shake Shack’s menu also includes a selection of mouthwatering hot dogs. Their flat-top dogs are grilled to perfection and served with a choice of toppings, making them a classic and convenient option for those on the go.

Food at Shake Shack in UK

FAQs on Shake Shack Menu in UK

What is Shake Shack, and when did it first arrive in the UK?

Shake Shack is a renowned fast-food chain known for its burgers, shakes, and other classic American-inspired dishes. The first Shake Shack in the UK opened its doors in 2013, bringing its unique blend of flavors to British shores.

What makes Shake Shack’s burgers stand out from other fast-food chains?

Shake Shack prides itself on using high-quality Angus beef for its burgers and a signature ShackSauce that sets them apart. The burgers are known for their delicious simplicity, but with a touch of gourmet quality.

Do they offer vegetarian or vegan options on the Shake Shack menu in the UK?

Yes, Shake Shack recognizes the importance of catering to various dietary preferences. They typically offer vegetarian options such as the ‘Shroom Burger, and in some locations, they may have vegan options. Availability may vary by location, so it’s best to check the specific menu.

What are some popular shake flavors available at Shake Shack in the UK?

Shake Shack is known for its indulgent Hand-Spun Shakes, which come in various flavors. Classic chocolate and vanilla are staples, but they also offer seasonal and limited-time options. Popular choices often include salted caramel, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

About Shake Shack

Shake Shack, a beloved presence in the UK’s fast-food scene, originated on the bustling streets of New York City. Founded by restaurateur Danny Meyer in 2004, Shake Shack began as a humble hot dog cart in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park. It soon garnered a cult following, thanks to its commitment to using high-quality ingredients, including Angus beef, and crafting its food with a focus on both taste and sustainability. The cart’s success led to the opening of the first permanent Shake Shack kiosk in 2004, marking the beginning of a culinary phenomenon.

Shake Shack’s rise to popularity in the UK can be attributed to its dedication to offering a fast-food experience like no other. British diners quickly embraced the brand’s unique blend of classic American flavors, gourmet quality, and modern aesthetics. With its emphasis on freshly made burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and indulgent hand-spun shakes, Shake Shack became a symbol of accessible luxury, providing customers with a taste of upscale dining in a fast-food setting. Its expansion across various cities in the UK, coupled with its dedication to quality and flavor, has solidified Shake Shack’s place in the hearts of food enthusiasts and burger lovers across the nation.

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Alternatives to Shake Shack in UK

  1. Five Guys – Five Guys is a popular burger chain known for its customizable burgers, hot dogs, and hand-cut fries. They offer a range of toppings and sauces to create a personalized burger experience.
  2. Byron – Byron is a British burger restaurant chain that focuses on creating high-quality, gourmet burgers. Their menu features a variety of inventive burger options, from classic beef to vegetarian and vegan choices.
  3. Burger King – Burger King is a well-known fast-food chain that specializes in flame-grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a variety of sides. They are known for their iconic Whopper burger.
  4. Smashburger – Smashburger is a burger chain that prides itself on serving smashed, seared-to-order burgers made with fresh ingredients. They offer a selection of unique burger creations and sides.
  5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) – GBK is a burger restaurant chain with a focus on gourmet burgers made from quality ingredients. They offer a range of inventive and globally inspired burger options, along with sides and milkshakes.

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