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Miller & Carter Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Miller & Carter Menu & Prices in UK

Miller & Carter is serving fast food in UK since 2003 and here you can find all the items in their menu from burgers to steaks to drinks and their prices.

My Dining Experience at Miller & Carter

Hey there, food enthusiasts! Let me take you on a culinary journey through my recent dining experience at Miller & Carter in the heart of London. If you’re in the mood for a steakhouse with a touch of elegance, then look no further than Miller & Carter. With its cozy ambiance and mouthwatering menu, it’s the perfect spot for a memorable meal with friends, and let me tell you, my recent visit did not disappoint!

Signature Salad with Chargrilled Chicken Breast

For our appetizers, we decided to start with the Signature Salad with Chargrilled Chicken Breast – a refreshing combination of crisp mixed greens, juicy cherry tomatoes, tangy balsamic dressing, and tender chargrilled chicken breast. It was the perfect way to whet our appetites and kick off our meal on a fresh and flavorful note.

Next up was the main event – the Ribeye 16oz. Cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor, this juicy steak was a carnivore’s dream come true. Each bite was a tender and succulent delight, with just the right amount of marbling to ensure maximum juiciness and flavor. Paired with a side of Thick Cut Chunky Chips, it was a match made in steak heaven.

Gigantic Chocolate Cake

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, so we decided to indulge in the Gigantic Chocolate Cake – a decadent treat featuring layers of rich chocolate cake smothered in creamy chocolate frosting. It was an indulgence worth every calorie, with each forkful melting in our mouths and leaving us in chocolatey bliss.

To wash it all down, we opted for the Sharp’s Atlantic Pale Ale – a refreshing and crisp beer with just the right amount of hoppy bitterness to complement our meal perfectly. With each sip, we toasted to good food, great company, and unforgettable dining experiences.

Miller & Carter Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
Ribeye 16oz£35.50
Masters Of Steak Experience For One£35.00
Fillet 8oz£32.95
Black Angus Filet Mignon 10oz£35.95
Black Angus Sirloin 8oz£25.50

Meal Deals & Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Masters Of Steak Experience For One£35.00
Miller’s Dirty Burger Experience For One£28.00
Burger & Dessert Experience For Two£42.00


Menu ItemPrice
Cheesy Garlic Bread To Share (V)£5.95
Halloumi Fries (V)£5.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread (V)£4.95

Starters & Sharers

Menu ItemPrice
Sticky Chipotle Chicken£8.50
Salt & Pepper Calamari£8.50
House Nachos For One – With Barbacoa£7.95
Oak-Smoked Salmon£10.25
Baked Cheddar Mushrooms (V)£6.95
House Nachos (V)£6.95
Spicy Buffalo Wings£7.95
Prawn & Avocado Cocktail£9.50
Spiced Aubergine Bao Buns (Ve)£7.95
House Nachos To Share – With Barbacoa£11.45
House Nachos To Share (V)£9.95

50 Day Aged Steaks

Menu ItemPrice
Black Angus Sirloin 8oz£25.50
Black Angus Prime Rump 9oz£20.95
Black Angus Filet Mignon 10oz£35.95

30 Day Aged Masters Of Steak Accredited

Menu ItemPrice
Ribeye 16oz£35.50
Fillet 8oz£32.95
Rump 7oz£18.50
Ribeye 12oz£30.95
Sirloin 12oz£34.50

Prime Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
Miller’s Steakhouse Dirty Burger£19.95
Signature Cheese & Bacon Burger£15.95
Ultimate Chicken Burger£17.95
The Plant-Based Burger (Ve)£15.95

Something On The Side

Menu ItemPrice
Half Rack Of Barbecue Ribs£7.95
Classic Mac And Cheese (V)£4.50
Lettuce Wedge£3.25
Onion Loaf (Ve)£3.95
Garlic Button Mushrooms (V)£3.50
Sautéed Greens (V)£4.50
Thick Cut Chunky Chips (V)£4.50
Steak Sauce£2.25
Mediterranean Vegetables (Ve)£3.95
Beef Barbacoa Mac & Cheese£6.50
Chargrilled Chorizo£4.95


Menu ItemPrice
Ultimate Rack Of Barbecue Ribs£20.50
Signature Rack Of Lamb£24.50
Grilled Salmon Fillet£19.50
Maple Glazed Chicken£18.95
Ultimate Half Rack Of Barbecue Ribs£16.50
Maple Glazed Chicken£18.95


Menu ItemPrice
Signature Salad With Chargrilled Chicken Breast£16.45
Signature Salad With Tender Fillet Tails£18.95
Rump Steak 7oz Miller’s Wedge Salad£18.95
Miller’s Wedge Salad£12.95
Signature Salad With Grilled Salmon£18.95
Signature Wedge Salad – With Fried Halloumi£16.45


Menu ItemPrice
Rich Banoffee Pie (V)£7.95
Gigantic Chocolate Cake (V)£15.50
Vanilla Basque Cheesecake (V)£7.95
Double Belgian Chocolate Brownie (V)£7.75
Caramel Biscuit Torte (Ve)£7.95
Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)£7.75

Beers & Cider

Menu ItemPrice
Sharp’s Atlantic Pale Ale£4.75
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider£4.80
Thornbridge Jaipur£5.25
Peroni Nastro Azzurro£5.10


Menu ItemPrice
Moët & Chandon Impérial£32.50
Halton Estate Merlot£25.50
Miller & Carter House Malbec£24.95
Miller & Carter House Rioja£22.95
Miller & Carter House Zinfandel Rosé£28.95
Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel£23.95

Most Popular items on Miller & Carter Menu

Signature 30-Day Aged Steak

The pièce de résistance and pride of Miller & Carter’s menu, their Signature 30-Day Aged Steak stands out for its unparalleled flavor and tenderness. Expertly sourced and aged for 30 days, the steaks are cooked to perfection, maintaining the rich, succulent juices within the meat. Whether you prefer a classic Fillet, a well-marbled Ribeye, or a robust Sirloin, each cut promises a delightful explosion of flavors.

Sticky Chipotle Glazed Half Chicken

For those looking for an alternative to steak, the Sticky Chipotle Glazed Half Chicken is an absolute must-try. Tender and juicy chicken, marinated in a smoky chipotle glaze, delivers a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy notes that will tantalize your taste buds. Served with perfectly seasoned fries and a crisp coleslaw, this dish is a true delight for poultry enthusiasts.

Hand-Battered Atlantic Cod & Chips

Beyond their mastery of steaks, Miller & Carter also excels in serving delightful seafood dishes, and the Hand-Battered Atlantic Cod & Chips is no exception. The flaky and succulent cod, coated in a light and crispy batter, is accompanied by triple-cooked chunky chips and mushy peas—a quintessential British classic that will transport you to culinary bliss.

Lobster & King Prawn Thermidor

Indulge yourself with Miller & Carter’s Lobster & King Prawn Thermidor, a luxurious dish that celebrates the finest seafood. This delightful combination of succulent lobster and plump king prawns is dressed in a creamy and flavorsome Thermidor sauce, crowned with a golden cheese crust. This opulent creation is a true testament to the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence.

Miller’s Mac & Cheese

For a comforting and satisfying treat, the Miller’s Mac & Cheese is a definite crowd-pleaser. Velvety macaroni coated in a luscious three-cheese sauce, baked to perfection, and topped with a golden crust—this dish embodies the epitome of comfort food, making it a popular choice for diners of all ages.

The Ultimate Burger

Aptly named, The Ultimate Burger is a towering masterpiece that beckons burger enthusiasts from far and wide. This towering creation features a succulent beef patty, complemented by crispy streaky bacon, melting cheese, and crisp lettuce, all embraced by a toasted brioche bun. Served with seasoned fries, this burger delivers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Classic Creme Brulee

As the perfect finale to your meal, the Classic Creme Brulee at Miller & Carter is a delightful treat that never disappoints. A creamy vanilla-infused custard, concealed beneath a crisp caramelized sugar layer, offers a harmonious contrast of textures and flavors—a heavenly conclusion to an exceptional dining experience.

Food at Miller & Carter in UK

FAQs on Miller & Carter Menu in UK

What is the specialty of Miller & Carter in the UK?

Miller & Carter is renowned for its expertise in serving premium, 30-Day Aged Steaks. The restaurant carefully sources and ages the finest cuts of beef to perfection, ensuring exceptional flavor, tenderness, and juiciness in every bite.

Does Miller & Carter offer any non-steak options on their menu?

Yes, Miller & Carter understands that diners have diverse preferences. Alongside their signature steaks, they offer a variety of enticing dishes, including Sticky Chipotle Glazed Half Chicken, Hand-Battered Atlantic Cod & Chips, Lobster & King Prawn Thermidor, and more. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available.

Can I host private events or parties at Miller & Carter?

Certainly! Miller & Carter offers a great venue for private events and celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or a special family gathering, their attentive team can tailor the experience to meet specific requirements and make it a memorable occasion. For inquiries about private events, it’s best to contact the desired Miller & Carter location directly.

About Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter traces its origins back to 2003 when the first restaurant opened its doors in Birmingham, UK. The concept was born out of the desire to create a dining destination that celebrated the art of grilling exceptional steaks, taking inspiration from the passion of a local butcher named Miller and a cattle farmer named Carter. With a shared vision for providing the finest quality beef and a dedication to craftsmanship, they set out to create a unique steakhouse experience that would stand apart from the rest. The restaurant’s popularity quickly spread, and it soon gained a reputation for serving top-notch, 30-Day Aged Steaks, which became the centerpiece of their menu.

The success of the first restaurant led to further expansion, and Miller & Carter steadily grew across the UK, earning a loyal following of steak enthusiasts and food connoisseurs. Over the years, the brand’s commitment to sourcing the best ingredients, meticulous preparation, and delivering exceptional service has remained unwavering. Today, Miller & Carter stands as a leading steakhouse chain in the UK, combining a contemporary and stylish ambiance with a passion for providing an unforgettable dining experience centered around the love of perfectly grilled steaks.

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  2. Beefeater Grill – Known for its flame-grilled steaks and family-friendly atmosphere, Beefeater Grill offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes.
  3. Burger King – A globally recognized fast-food chain, Burger King is beloved for its flame-grilled burgers, offering a quick and convenient dining option for burger lovers.
  4. Greggs – A beloved bakery chain, Greggs offers a variety of freshly baked goods, sandwiches, and savory items, making it a go-to option for a quick and tasty meal on the go.
  5. Hawksmoor – Renowned for its premium steaks, Hawksmoor is a popular chain with locations across the UK. They offer a wide selection of cuts and are known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail.

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