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Mario’s Pizza Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Mario’s Pizza Menu & Prices in UK

Mario’s Pizza has been serving fast food in the UK since 2002, and here you can find all the items in their menu from classic pizzas to mouthwatering pasta dishes to a variety of appetizers, with their prices.

Mario’s Pizza Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

Mario’s Saver

Menu ItemPrice
Any Two Medium Pizzas£19.99
Any Two Large Pizzas£26.99
Any Two Super Pizzas£32.99

10″ Medium Pizza (6 Slices)

Menu ItemPrice
10″ Medium Free Choice Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Margherita Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Chicken Tandoori Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Spicy Chicken Mix Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Pepperoni Plus Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Vegetarian Hot Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Mexican Hot and Spicy Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Doner Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Indiano Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Pepperoni Deluxe Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Vegetarian Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Spicy Hot One Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Garlic Meat Lover Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Hawaiian Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Beefeater Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Amigo Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Vegetarian Classic Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Nice and Spicy Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium BBQ Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Meat Feast Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium American Hot Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Rosted Vegetarian Pizza£12.99
10″ Medium Popeye Pizza£12.99

12″ Large Pizza (8 Slices)

Menu ItemPrice
12″ Large Free Choice Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Pepperoni Plus Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Spicy Chicken Mix Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Vegetarian Hot Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Pepperoni Deluxe Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Mexican Hot and Spicy Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Meat Feast Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Beefeater Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Vegetarian Classic Pizza£16.99
12″ Large American Hot Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Rosted Vegetariano Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Capricosa Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Popeye Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Margherita Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Hawaiian Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Nice and Spicy Pizza£16.99
12″ Large BBQ Chicken Pizza£16.99
12″ Large BBQ Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Indiano Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Doner Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Chicken Tandoori Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Amigo Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Vegetarian Pizza£16.99
12″ Large Garlic Meat Lover Pizza£16.99

15″ Extra Large Pizza (10 Slices)

Menu ItemPrice
15″ Super Free Choice Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Chicken Tandoori Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Margherita Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Meat Feast Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Spicy Chicken Mix Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Doner Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Pepperoni Deluxe Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Mexican Hot and Spicy Pizza£18.99
15″ Super BBQ Chicken Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Vegetarian Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Garlic Meat Lover Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Vegetarian Classic Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Indiano Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Seafood Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Rosted Vegetariano Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Mexican Hot Pizza£18.99
15″ Super American Hot Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Amigo Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Spicy Hot One Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Beefeater Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Hawaiian Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Nice and Spicy Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Popeye Pizza£18.99
15″ Super Pepperoni Plus Pizza£18.99

Side Orders

Menu ItemPrice
Potato Skin 5pcs£5.99
Garlic Mushrooms£3.50
BBQ Wings 6pcs£4.99
Chips Large Portion£2.99
Hot Wings 6pcs£4.99
Potato Wedges£4.49
Garlic Pizza Bread 7″£4.99
Chicken Dipper£4.49
Garlic Bread with Cheese£3.49
Potato Twister£4.49
Onion Rings 10pcs£3.49
Garlic Bread£2.99

Fried Chicken Deals

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Wrap Meal Chips & Can Pepsi£6.49
Family Meal Deal(8 Pcs Chicken+ 4 Reg Fries + 9 Hot Wings And Bottle Pepsi Max)£22.00
1/2 Burger Meal£7.49
Family Mega Mix(3 Chicken Burger + 3 Reg Fries + 6 Pcs Chicken and 9 Hot Wings)£20.00
Fried Wings Meal(5 Fried Wings + Chips & Can Pepsi)£6.99
Chicken Burger Meal£5.99
1/4 Burger Meal£6.49

Mexican Side Orders

Menu ItemPrice
Nachos with Beef£5.49
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks£4.49
Jalapeno Cream Cheese£4.99
Nachos with Chicken£5.49


Menu ItemPrice
Coleslaw Salad£2.99
Potato Salad£2.99
Greek Salad£4.49
Supreme Salad£3.99
Mixed Salad£3.99
Prawn Cocktail£4.99


Menu ItemPrice
Vegetable Lasagne£7.99
Spaghetti Bolognese£7.99


Menu ItemPrice
Fillet of Fish Burger£4.49
Classic Chicken Burger£4.49
1/4 Burger with Cheese Burger£5.49
1/2 Burger with Cheese Burger£6.99
Vegetable Burger£4.49


Menu ItemPrice
Pepsi Max No Sugar Cola Bottle, 1.50l£2.99
Mineral Water£2.49


Menu ItemPrice
Sauce Dips£0.50


Menu ItemPrice
Mini Doughnuts£2.99
Chocolate Fudge Cake£3.50
Strawberry Cheesecake£3.50
Tennessee Toffee Pie£3.50

Ice Cream

Menu ItemPrice
Haagen Dazs VANILLA£6.99
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie 465ml£6.99
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 465ml£6.99
Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food 465ml£6.99

Most Popular items on Mario’s Pizza Menu

When it comes to indulging in a slice of heaven, Mario’s Pizza in the UK is the go-to place for pizza aficionados. With their rich history dating back to 2002, Mario’s Pizza has been serving up a delectable array of mouthwatering options.

Margherita Pizza

Simplicity at its finest, the Margherita pizza is a classic favorite at Mario’s. Topped with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil, it’s a timeless delight that showcases the essence of Italian cuisine.

Pepperoni Pizza

The Pepperoni pizza is a crowd-pleaser for those who crave a combination of savory and spicy. Mario’s stacks this pizza with zesty pepperoni, creating a delicious harmony with the cheese and sauce.

Hawaiian Pizza

For a taste of the tropics, the Hawaiian pizza offers a sweet and savory sensation. Topped with ham, pineapple, and cheese, this creation delivers a delightful contrast of flavors that’s hard to resist.

Vegetarian Delight Pizza

Mario’s caters to vegetarians with their Vegetarian Delight pizza, generously loaded with a medley of fresh vegetables, including bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives, all resting on a bed of savory tomato sauce and cheese.

Meat Feast Pizza

Meat lovers will revel in the Meat Feast pizza, which is generously adorned with an assortment of savory delights such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and more. It’s a hearty and flavorful treat.

Pasta Specialties

Mario’s Pizza offers more than just pizza. Their menu features a variety of pasta dishes, including classics like Spaghetti Bolognese and creamy Alfredo, perfect for those seeking a change from traditional pizza.

Garlic Bread

A beloved side, Mario’s Garlic Bread is a warm, crispy delight. Whether served plain or with cheese, it’s the ideal accompaniment to your pizza or pasta, providing a burst of garlicky goodness.

Food at Mario’s Pizza in UK

FAQs on Mario’s Pizza Menu in UK

When was Mario’s Pizza established in the UK, and where are they located?

Mario’s Pizza started serving in the UK in 2002. They have multiple locations across the country. Customers can find the nearest one by checking their website or contacting them directly.

Do they offer gluten-free or vegan pizza options for customers with dietary restrictions?

Mario’s Pizza typically offers a variety of pizza options, including gluten-free and vegan choices. It’s a good idea to check with your local Mario’s Pizza branch for their specific offerings and availability.

Is delivery service available, and what is the delivery area covered by Mario’s Pizza?

Yes, Mario’s Pizza often provides delivery services. The delivery area may vary depending on the location of the specific branch, so it’s advisable to check with your local Mario’s Pizza for their delivery range.

About Mario’s Pizza

Mario’s Pizza in the UK has a flavorful history that began in 2002 when it first opened its doors to British pizza lovers. Founded with a passion for delivering the authentic taste of Italy, Mario’s Pizza quickly gained recognition for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and crafting delicious, handcrafted pizzas. The aroma of freshly baked pizza and the rich flavors of their signature recipes began to captivate diners across the UK, establishing Mario’s Pizza as a beloved name in the fast-food industry.

Over the years, Mario’s Pizza has grown its presence, expanding its reach across the UK to serve even more pizza enthusiasts. The focus on quality, traditional recipes, and a dedication to customer satisfaction have helped the chain become a trusted source for delectable pizza and Italian-inspired cuisine. Today, Mario’s Pizza remains a go-to destination for those seeking a taste of Italy in the heart of the UK, making it a cherished part of the nation’s culinary landscape.

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Alternatives to Mario’s Pizza in UK

  1. Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut is a renowned pizza chain in the UK, offering a wide range of pizza varieties, pasta dishes, and sides. They are known for their stuffed crust and pan pizzas.
  2. Domino’s Pizza – Domino’s Pizza is a popular chain with a vast selection of pizzas, including customizable options, along with a variety of sides and desserts. They are known for their efficient delivery service.
  3. Papa John’s – Papa John’s is recognized for its high-quality ingredients and a variety of pizza choices, from classic to specialty options. They also offer sides like garlic knots and chicken poppers.
  4. PizzaExpress – PizzaExpress is a well-established chain offering artisanal pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes, including salads and pasta. They are known for their modern and stylish dining experience.
  5. Franco Manca – Franco Manca is a popular pizza chain known for its sourdough pizzas, which are prepared with high-quality ingredients and baked in wood-burning ovens. They focus on delivering an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience.

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