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KFC Menu & Prices in UK 2024

KFC Menu & Prices in UK

KFC is serving fast food in the UK since 1965, and here you can find all the items on their menu from crispy fried chicken to flavorful burgers to delicious sides and their prices.

My Dining Experience at KFC

Hey there, fellow foodies! Let me take you on a delicious journey through my recent dining experience at KFC in London. Picture this: a cozy evening filled with laughter and good company, with the tantalizing aroma of fried chicken filling the air. It was a feast fit for champions!

The Chicken Bucket

First up, the star of the show – the Chicken Bucket. Each piece was a crispy masterpiece, perfectly seasoned with KFC’s secret blend of herbs and spices. With every bite, there was a symphony of flavors dancing on my taste buds – crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. It was finger-licking good, just as promised!

Next on the agenda was the Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich, a handheld delight that combined succulent chicken with a pillowy soft bun. The contrast of textures was simply sublime, and the tangy mayo added a delightful zing that left us craving more.

Famous Fries

Of course, no KFC meal is complete without a side of their famous fries. Crisp, golden, and oh-so-addictive, they disappeared from the plate in record time. And let’s not forget about the Regular Corn on the Cob – a sweet and savory treat that provided the perfect balance to the richness of the chicken.

KFC Menu & Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

Most Popular

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Hot Wings Meal: 10 pc£9.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 2 pc£4.49
Boneless Bundle: 8 PC£10.00
Large Popcorn Chicken£6.99
Zinger Burger£6.49


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Boneless Banquet£10.49
Boneless Meal: 4 pc£9.99
Fillet Burger Meal£7.99
Trilogy Box Meal£11.49
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal£8.49
Zinger Burger Meal£7.99
Twister Wrap Meal£7.99
Original Recipe Ricebox with a Drink£7.49

Sharing Buckets

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Bargain Bucket: 6 pc£17.99
Bargain Bucket: 10 pc£22.99
Bargain Bucket: 14 pc£26.99
Family Feast: 6 pc£19.99
Family Feast: 10 pc£24.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 6 pc£22.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 10 pc£27.99
Dipping Boneless Feast: 8 pc£22.99
Dipping Boneless Feast: 12 pc£27.99
Party Bucket£39.99
Boneless Bundle: 8 PC£10.00

Box Meals

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Boneless Banquet£10.49
Trilogy Box Meal£11.49
Fillet Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken£9.99
Zinger Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings£9.99
Fillet Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings£9.99
Zinger Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken£9.99
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken£10.99
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings£10.99
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken£10.99
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings£10.99
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet£9.99


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Fillet Burger Meal£7.99
Zinger Burger Meal£7.99
Fillet Tower Burger Meal£8.99
Zinger Tower Burger Meal£8.99
Zinger Stacker Meal£9.99
Fillet Burger£6.49
Zinger Burger£6.49
Fillet Tower Burger£7.49
Zinger Tower Burger£7.49
Zinger Stacker£8.49

Buckets For One

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Mighty Bucket For One Meal£10.49
Boneless Meal: 4 pc£9.99
Boneless Meal: 3 pc£8.99
Colonel’s Meal: 4 pc£9.99
Colonel’s Meal: 3 pc£8.99
Colonel’s Meal: 2 pc£6.99
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal£8.49
Regular Popcorn Chicken Meal£6.99
Hot Wings Meal: 10 pc£9.99
Hot Wings Meal: 6 pc£9.49

Twister Wraps

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Twister Wrap£6.49
Twister Wrap Meal£7.99
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet£9.99

Riceboxes & Salads

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Original Recipe Ricebox with a Drink£7.49
Zinger Ricebox with a Drink£7.49
Veggie Ricebox with a Drink£6.99
Original Recipe Salad Box with a Drink£6.99
Zinger Salad Box with a Drink£6.99
Original Recipe Ricebox£6.99
Zinger Ricebox£6.99
Veggie Ricebox£6.49
Original Recipe Salad Box£6.49
Zinger Salad Box£6.49


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Mini Fillet£2.49
Hot Wings: 2 pc£2.29
Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites£3.99
Sweet Chilli Dipped Bites£3.99
Large Popcorn Chicken£6.99
Regular Popcorn Chicken£5.49
Mini Fillet Burger£2.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 1 pc£2.49
Original Recipe Chicken: 2 pc£4.49
BBQ Mini Wrap£2.99
Flamin’ Mini Wrap£2.99


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Chocolate Chip Cookie£1.59
White Chocolate Cookie£1.59
4 Cookies£4.99


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Regular Fries£2.49
Regular Gravy£2.49
Regular Beans£2.49
Corn Cob: 1 pc£2.49
Regular Coleslaw£2.49
Regular Creamy Mash£2.49
Regular Southern Rice£1.99
Regular Garden Salad£2.49


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Garlic Buttermilk Mayo£0.50
Smokey BBQ£0.50
Sweet Chilli£0.50
Real Tomato£0.50


Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Pepsi MAX 1.5 L Bottle£3.49
Diet Pepsi 1.5 L Bottle£3.49
Tango 1.5 L Bottle£3.49
Pepsi MAX Can£1.79
Tango Can£1.79
Still Water 500ml£1.99

Kids’ Buckets

Menu OnderdeelPrijs
Kids’ Bucket: Kids’ Burger£5.49
Kids’ Bucket: Mini Fillet & Dip£5.49
Kids’ Bucket: Popcorn Chicken£5.49

Most Popular items on KFC Menu

Whether you’re a fan of the classic Original Recipe Chicken, crave the spicy kick of the Zinger Burger, or prefer the irresistible Popcorn Chicken, KFC has something to satisfy every palate. So, the next time you find yourself at KFC, be sure to give these must-try items a chance and experience the finger-lickin’ goodness firsthand!

Original Recipe Chicken

KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken is an iconic classic that has stood the test of time. The secret blend of 11 herbs and spices creates a crispy, golden coating that locks in the juicy tenderness of the chicken inside. Whether you opt for a single piece or a bucket to share with friends, the Original Recipe Chicken is a must-try for every KFC enthusiast.

Zinger Burger

For those who love a little kick in their meal, the Zinger Burger is the perfect choice. Tender chicken fillet marinated in a fiery blend of spices, topped with fresh lettuce, mayo, and served in a soft bun – it’s a flavor explosion in every bite. Be warned, though; this spicy delight might just become your go-to KFC item.

Popcorn Chicken

The Popcorn Chicken is a delightful treat that’s impossible to resist. These bite-sized pieces of heaven are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making them a favorite snack or side dish for many KFC lovers. Pair them with your choice of dipping sauce for an extra burst of flavor.


KFC’s gravy is legendary, and no meal is complete without it. Made from the juices of their succulent chicken, this rich and savory gravy adds the perfect finishing touch to your meal. Whether you drizzle it over your chicken, fries, or mashed potatoes, it’s sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Twister Wrap

If you’re looking for a handheld delight, the Twister Wrap has got you covered. This wrap features the same delicious Zinger chicken, lettuce, and mayo, but it’s all rolled up in a soft tortilla for a convenient and flavorful on-the-go option.

Colonel’s Box Meal

When you want a bit of everything, the Colonel’s Box Meal is the way to go. It typically includes a piece of Original Recipe Chicken, a Zinger Burger, a side of your choice, a regular drink, and a delicious chocolate chip cookie. It’s the ultimate combo for those craving variety and value.

Hot Wings

For spice lovers, the Hot Wings are a dream come true. These small but mighty wings are seasoned to perfection with a fiery blend of spices that will leave your taste buds tingling. Grab a bucket of these wings and enjoy the delightful heat with every bite.

FAQs on KFC Menu in UK

What is KFC, and how did it originate?

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a popular fast-food restaurant chain known for its signature fried chicken. It was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 in North Corbin, Kentucky, USA. The Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices for frying chicken made KFC a household name, and it has since grown into a global fast-food phenomenon.

What are the most famous menu items at KFC?

KFC’s menu is centered around its famous fried chicken, which is available in various options such as Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, and Grilled. Some of the most iconic menu items include KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken Bucket, Crispy Strips, Popcorn Chicken, and the Finger Lickin’ Good Bucket.

Does KFC offer any non-chicken menu items for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, KFC does have options for vegetarians and vegans. In some locations, they offer plant-based chicken alternatives made with ingredients like soy or pea protein. Additionally, there are sides such as coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and biscuits that are vegetarian-friendly.

About KFC

KFC’s origin in the UK can be traced back to 1965 when the first restaurant opened its doors in Preston, Lancashire. The expansion into the UK market was part of the global expansion plan of Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was already a successful and well-established fast-food chain in the United States. The UK restaurant’s opening was met with curiosity and enthusiasm from British consumers who were eager to try the Colonel’s famous fried chicken, which had gained a reputation for its unique blend of 11 secret herbs and spices.

As the first KFC restaurant proved to be a hit in Preston, the brand continued to expand rapidly across the UK. The company’s growth was driven not only by the delicious and distinct flavor of their chicken but also by the strategic development of franchises and the introduction of various menu options that catered to the British taste preferences. Over the years, KFC has become a prominent fixture in the UK’s fast-food landscape, with numerous outlets located in cities and towns nationwide, serving their iconic fried chicken and an array of sides, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors alike.

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Alternatives to KFC in UK

  1. McDonald’s – McDonald’s is a globally renowned fast-food chain that offers a diverse menu, including classics like Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, and various burger options.
  2. Burger King – Another well-known fast-food chain, Burger King, is famous for its flame-grilled burgers, Whopper sandwich, and a range of chicken-based menu items.
  3. Nando’s – Nando’s is a popular casual dining restaurant that specializes in peri-peri chicken. They offer a variety of flame-grilled chicken dishes with different spice levels, accompanied by various sides.
  4. Greggs – While not strictly a fried chicken chain, Greggs is a beloved bakery and fast-food outlet that serves delicious hot sandwiches, including their popular Southern Fried Chicken Wrap and Southern Fried Potato Wedges.
  5. Five Guys – Though primarily known for its gourmet burgers and fries, Five Guys also offers tasty hot dogs and grilled chicken sandwiches, making it a great alternative for those seeking diverse fast-food options.

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