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Greggs Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Greggs Menu & Prices in UK

Greggs is serving fast food in the UK since 1951 and here you can find all the items on their menu from savory pastries to delicious sandwiches to refreshing beverages and their prices.

My Experience at Greggs

Hey there, fellow foodies! Let me take you on a delicious journey through my recent dining experience at Greggs in London. Now, if you’re a fan of comforting, hearty fare, then Greggs is the place to be. And let me tell you, my recent visit did not disappoint!

As I pulled up to the Greggs location in my car, the enticing aroma of freshly baked goods greeted me, instantly whetting my appetite. With a rumble in my stomach and excitement in the air, I quickly placed my order and eagerly awaited my feast.

Steak Bake

First up was the iconic Steak Bake – a savory pastry filled with tender chunks of steak in a rich gravy, all encased in golden, flaky pastry. With each bite, I was transported to flavor heaven, the hearty filling warming me from the inside out. It was comfort food at its finest, and I savored every mouthful.

Next, I indulged in a Caramel Latte – a velvety blend of espresso and steamed milk, topped with a generous swirl of caramel syrup. It was the perfect pick-me-up, with a smooth, sweet flavor that paired perfectly with the savory goodness of the Steak Bake.

Southern Fried Chicken Baguette

But the real star of the show was the Southern Fried Chicken Baguette – a mouthwatering creation featuring crispy fried chicken, fresh lettuce, and tangy mayonnaise, all nestled in a soft baguette. Each bite was a symphony of textures and flavors, with the crunch of the chicken perfectly complemented by the creamy mayo and crisp lettuce. It was a handheld delight that left me craving more.

Greggs Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.


Menu ItemPrice
Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Baguette£4.10
Sausage and Omelette Breakfast Baguette£4.10
Bacon Breakfast Baguette£3.85
Bacon and Omelette Breakfast Baguette£4.10
Sausage Breakfast Baguette£3.85
Omelette Breakfast Baguette£3.85
Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Roll£3.10
Bacon and Omelette Breakfast Roll£3.10
Sausage and Omelette Breakfast Roll£3.10
Bacon Breakfast Roll£2.90
Sausage Breakfast Roll£2.90
Omelette Breakfast Roll£2.90
Hash Brown (2 pack)£1.55
Pain au Chocolat£1.60
All Butter Croissant£1.50
Apple & Cinnamon Porridge£1.75
Simply Creamy Porridge£1.75

Breakfast Deals

Menu ItemPrice
Regular Breakfast Baguette Deal£4.75
The Double Breakfast Roll Deal£3.75
Regular Breakfast Roll Deal£3.40
Regular Breakfast Pastry Deal£3.40
Regular Breakfast Porridge Deal£3.40

Sharing Deals

Menu ItemPrice
4 Bakes & 4 Filled Doughnuts£10.00
6 Bakes & 2 Cold Drinks£10.45
Bake Deal – Choose any 6 Bakes£10.00
4 Sausage Rolls & 4 Filled Doughnuts£7.20
Box of Assorted Filled Doughnuts (12)£11.50
Box of Assorted Filled Doughnuts (4)£4.50
Box of Assorted Ring Doughnuts (4)£3.95


Menu ItemPrice
Pepperoni Pizza Sharing Box£9.55
Pepperoni Hot Shot Pizza Sharing Box£9.55
Pepperoni Pizza£2.75
Margherita Pizza£2.75
Margherita Pizza Sharing Box£9.55
Spicy Mexican Chicken Pizza£2.75
Spicy Mexican Chicken Pizza Sharing Box£9.55
Spicy Veg Pizza£2.75
Spicy Veg Pizza Sharing Box£9.55
Pepperoni Hot Shot Pizza£2.75

Meal Deals For One

Menu ItemPrice
Hot Sandwich & Drink Meal Deal£5.15
Cold Sandwich & Drink Meal Deal£4.50
Salad & Drink Meal Deal£4.50
Bake & Hot Drink Meal Deal£3.95
Savoury Roll and Hot Drink Meal Deal£3.40
Sweet & Hot Drink Deal£3.40

Hot Food

Menu ItemPrice
Southern Fried Potato Wedges£1.55
Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites£2.35
Mozzarella & Cheddar Bites£2.35
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons£4.10

Sausage Rolls & Bakes

Menu ItemPrice
Cold Sausage Roll (4 pack)£4.35
Sausage Roll£1.45
Vegan Sausage Roll£1.45
Steak Bake£2.40
Cheese & Onion Bake£2.35
Sausage, Bean & Cheese Melt£2.40
Chicken Bake£2.40

Hot Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice
Cheese & Honey Mustard Toastie£3.70
Hot Southern Fried Chicken Baguette£4.55
Hot Ham and Cheese Baguette£4.55
Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Toastie£4.10

Cold Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice
Roast Chicken and Bacon Club Baguette£4.15
Ham and Cheese Baguette£4.15
Tuna Crunch Baguette£4.15
Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughmans Oval Bite£4.00
Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite£4.00
Roast Chicken Salad Roll£3.80
Honey Roast Ham and Egg Salad Roll£3.80
Mexican Chicken Flatbread£4.00
Chicken Shawarma Flatbread£4.00

Salads & Fruit

Menu ItemPrice
Melon & Grape Fruit Pot£1.50
Sweet Potato Bhaji and Rice£4.00
Feta and Tomato Pasta£3.90
Tuna Crunch Pasta£3.90
Side Salad£1.55

Sweet Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Caramel Shortbread (4 pack)£3.55
Yum Yum (2 pack)£1.75
Jam Doughnut (4 pack)£3.45
Glazed Ring Doughnut (2 pack)£1.75
Jam Doughnut£1.15
Caramel Custard Doughnut£1.50
Triple Chocolate Doughnut£1.50
Pink Jammie Doughnut£1.50
Glazed Ring Doughnut£1.20
Sugar Strand Doughnut£1.40
Triple Chocolate Muffin£1.70
Cinnamon Muffin£1.70
Novelty Bun£1.20
Cookie (4 pack)£3.95
Milk Chocolate Cookie£1.45
White Chocolate Cookie£1.45
Star Biscuit£1.40

Crisps & Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Crisps£1.20
Mature Cheddar Cheese & Onion Crisps£1.20
Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps£1.20
Walkers Ready Salted Crisps£1.20
Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps£1.20
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps£1.20
Oat Bar Chocolate£1.90
Oat Bar Salted Caramel£1.90

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade£1.85
Sparkling Mango & Pineapple£1.85
Still Water£1.40
Small Orange Juice£1.85
Large Orange Juice£2.15
Fairtrade Apple Juice£2.15
Lucozade Orange 500ml£2.15
Lucozade Original 500ml£2.15
Lucozade Sport 500ml£2.15
Lucozade Energy Zero Pink Lemonade£2.15
Lucozade Sport Zero Berry£2.15
Red Bull£2.10
Oasis Summer Fruit 500ml£2.05
Coca-Cola Original Taste 500ml£2.20
Diet Coke 500ml£2.05
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 500ml£2.05
Innocent Berry Set Go 330ml£2.30

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
White Coffee£1.90
Flat White£2.40
Cinnamon Flat White£2.95
Cinnamon Latte£2.95
Caramel Latte£2.95
Vanilla Latte£2.95
Hot Chocolate£2.40

Sauces & Dips

Menu ItemPrice
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Dip Pot£0.50
Heinz BBQ Sauce Dip Pot£0.50
Heinz Mayonnaise Dip Pot£0.50
Heinz Sweet Chilli Dip Pot£0.50

Most Popular items on Greggs Menu

Greggs’ menu is a treasure trove of treats that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory pastry, a hearty bake, a delicious sandwich, or a sweet delight, this beloved fast-food chain has something to offer everyone.

Sausage Roll

No visit to Greggs is complete without indulging in their iconic Sausage Roll. This delightful pastry is filled with seasoned pork sausage meat, encased in a flaky, golden-brown crust. The combination of savory flavors and the satisfying crunch makes it a timeless favorite among both locals and tourists.

Steak Bake

For those seeking a heartier option, the Steak Bake is a must-try. Tender pieces of steak, cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorsome gravy, are enveloped in Greggs’ signature pastry. It’s the ultimate comfort food that warms the soul, especially on a chilly British day.

Chicken Bake

Another beloved item on the menu is the Chicken Bake. Generous chunks of succulent chicken breast, mixed with a luscious sauce and wrapped in a buttery puff pastry, create a mouthwatering treat. It’s the perfect on-the-go meal for busy individuals seeking a delicious and filling option.

Vegan Sausage Roll

In recent years, Greggs has expanded its menu to cater to various dietary preferences, and the Vegan Sausage Roll has been a resounding hit. This plant-based alternative boasts a delectable blend of Quorn™ mycoprotein, herbs, and spices, all encased in the same flaky pastry, making it an irresistible choice for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Cheese & Onion Bake

Vegetarians and cheese lovers will rejoice in the delightful Cheese & Onion Bake. Bursting with gooey mature cheddar cheese and sweet caramelized onions, this pastry offers a perfect balance of flavors and textures, making it an instant crowd-pleaser.

Tuna Crunch Baguette

For a lighter option that doesn’t compromise on taste, the Tuna Crunch Baguette is a winner. Filled with a zesty tuna mayo, crunchy lettuce, and cucumbers, this sandwich is packed with fresh and satisfying flavors that make it a popular choice for a quick lunch or snack.

Caramel Custard Doughnut

To satisfy your sweet tooth, the Caramel Custard Doughnut is an absolute delight. With its fluffy doughnut base, sweet caramel filling, and a light dusting of sugar, this treat is a heavenly indulgence that pairs perfectly with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Greggs Food in the UK

FAQs on Greggs Menu in UK

What is Greggs, and when did it start in the UK?

Greggs is a popular fast-food chain in the UK known for its delicious pastries, sandwiches, and baked goods. It started its journey in the UK back in 1951 and has since become a well-loved household name.

Does Greggs offer any vegetarian or vegan options on their menu?

Yes, Greggs has expanded its menu to cater to various dietary preferences. They offer a range of vegetarian options, including the famous Vegan Sausage Roll and the Cheese & Onion Bake. These options are great for those looking for meat-free alternatives.

Are the prices at Greggs affordable?

Greggs is renowned for its affordable prices, making it a favorite among budget-conscious customers.

Can I find breakfast items at Greggs?

Absolutely! Greggs offers a variety of breakfast options to kick-start your day. From bacon rolls and breakfast sandwiches to croissants and porridge, you’ll find a tempting selection to satisfy your morning cravings.

About Greggs

Greggs, a British bakery and fast-food chain, has a humble and fascinating origin story that dates back to 1939. The company’s foundation can be traced back to John Gregg, a young entrepreneur who opened a small Tyneside bakery in Newcastle, England. Operating from a single shop, John Gregg focused on providing freshly baked goods to the local community. Over the years, his bakery gained a reputation for producing high-quality bread, pastries, and cakes, earning the trust and loyalty of the locals.

In 1951, John Gregg’s son, Ian Gregg, took over the business and played a pivotal role in transforming the small bakery into what we know today as Greggs. Ian expanded the company’s offerings to include savory pastries and hot food, introducing the concept of “bake shops” where customers could enjoy hot meals on the go. This strategic move proved to be a tremendous success, and Greggs soon began expanding its presence across the UK, steadily establishing itself as a beloved national brand. Today, with a history spanning over eight decades, Greggs continues to delight customers with its diverse menu, innovative products, and commitment to providing delicious, affordable food to millions of people throughout the UK.

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Alternatives to Greggs in UK

  1. Pret A Manger is a popular fast-food chain in the UK known for its freshly made sandwiches, salads, and hot food items. They focus on using natural ingredients and offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options.
  2. Subway is a well-known international chain that specializes in made-to-order submarine sandwiches. Customers can customize their sandwiches with a variety of fresh toppings, sauces, and bread options.
  3. Costa Coffee – While primarily known for its coffee, Costa Coffee also offers a selection of sandwiches, wraps, and pastries. They have a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a great spot for a quick bite or a coffee break.
  4. McDonald’s – As one of the most famous fast-food chains globally, McDonald’s needs no introduction. They offer a diverse menu, including burgers, chicken items, and breakfast options, making it a go-to choice for many people.
  5. KFC – Renowned for its finger-licking good fried chicken, along with a range of sides like coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. It’s a popular destination for those craving a hearty and indulgent meal.

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