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Chaiiwala Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Chaiiwala Menu & Prices in UK

Chaiiwala is serving fast food in the UK since 2015, and here you can find all the items on their menu from delectable snacks to hearty meals to refreshing beverages and their prices.

Chaiiwala Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

All Day Breakfast

Menu ItemPrice
Desi Breakfast£10.35
Aloo Paratha£3.55
English-ish Breakfast£11.05
Halwa Puri£6.45
Bun Omelette£4.25
Omelette Wrap£4.25

Street Food

Menu ItemPrice
Bombay Sandwich£5.85
Butter Chicken Roll£4.25
Butter Chicken Rice Bowl£10.35
Masala Chips£4.25
Chicken Tikka Naan£6.45
Samsosa Chaat£6.45
Channa Masala Bowl£1.80
Loaded Chips£8.45
Kebab Roll£5.00
Gunpowder Masala Chips£3.70
Samosa Cone£4.95
Aloo Tikki Burger£4.95
Punjabi Samosa£2.15
Karachi Bun Kebab£5.85
Keema & Paratha£8.45
Daal Bowl£1.80
Plain Chips£3.15
Desi Mac N Cheese£7.00

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Karak Chai Standard£3.60
Karak Coffee£3.60
Pink Chaii£4.10
Karak Chai Sugar Free£3.60
Chaii Latte£3.60
Garam Chocolate£3.60
Cinnamon Chai£3.90
Apple Pie Chaii£4.35
Apple Pie Coffee Large£5.40
English Chai£2.85
Mint Chai£2.85

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Mango Falooda£5.85
Coffee Cookie Frappe£4.00
Iced Karak Chai (16oz)£5.05
Mango Falooda (16oz)£6.65
Blue Limbu Pani (16oz)£4.70
Limbu Pani£3.25
Blue Limbu Pani (12oz)£3.90
Iced Karak Coffee (16oz)£5.05
Strawberry Limbu Pani (12oz)£3.90
Pink Cookie Frappe£4.00
Lemon Iced Chaii£3.70
Iced Pink Chaii£4.25
Strawberry Limbu Pani (16oz)£4.70
Lemon Iced Chaii (16oz)£5.05
Iced Karak Chaii£4.25
Iced Karak Coffee£4.25


Menu ItemPrice
Pizza Paratha & Chips£5.00
Chicken Tikka Bites & Chips£5.65


Menu ItemPrice
Cake Rusks£2.15
Chilli & Lemon Chips£1.25
Parle G£2.15
Belgian Caramel Shortbread Bar£2.40
Zesty Fruity Granola Bar£2.40


Menu ItemPrice
Classic Roti£1.45
Classic Paratha£1.75
Cream Cheese Paratha£3.55
Grilled Cheese Naan£4.25
Tareli Roti£2.80


Menu ItemPrice
Plain Donut£6.45
Loaded Donut£7.75
Gajar Halwa Sundae£3.75
Nutella Wrap£3.85
Gajar Halwa£5.20
Chocolate Chaii Mousse£5.55
Gulab Jamun Cheesecake£5.55
Vanilla Sponge Cake£3.50
Pink Chaii Cake£6.20
Kanefah Cheesecake£5.55
Gulab Jamun£5.20
Karak Coffee Cake£6.20
Gulab Jamun Sundae£8.15
1 Scoop Ice Cream£2.15
Lotus Wrap£3.85
2 Scoops Ice Cream£3.90
Baklava Sundae£8.15
Bakalava Donuts£7.75

Most Popular items on Chaiiwala Menu

When it comes to fast food in the United Kingdom, one name that has garnered a devoted following is Chaiiwala. Founded in 2015, Chaiiwala has managed to win the hearts of food enthusiasts with its offerings inspired by the vibrant flavors of Indian street food.

Masala Chai

No visit to Chaiiwala is complete without savoring their signature Masala Chai. Steeped in tradition and flavor, their chai is a perfect blend of aromatic spices and creamy milk, providing a comforting and revitalizing experience. It’s a must-try for chai lovers and an ideal pick-me-up at any time of the day.

Bun Kebab

A true sensation on the Chaiiwala menu, the Bun Kebab is a flavor-packed burger. It features a spicy kebab patty served in a soft, fluffy bun and is a crowd-pleaser. The combination of succulent meat and zesty chutneys creates a taste explosion that will keep you coming back for more.

Desi Paratha Roll

For those who crave the flavors of the Indian subcontinent, the Desi Paratha Roll is an absolute delight. Filled with various delectable ingredients, such as egg, chicken, or keema (minced meat), it’s wrapped in a flaky paratha that adds a crispy texture to every bite.


Chaiiwala’s Samosas are an embodiment of India’s street food culture. These deep-fried pastries are generously stuffed with a choice of fillings, typically potatoes and peas, and are seasoned to perfection. They make for a savory and delightful snack.

Masala Fries

If you’re a fan of French fries with a twist, Chaiiwala’s Masala Fries are the way to go. These crispy delights are sprinkled with a blend of spices that enhance the flavor, making them the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Desi Breakfast

Chaiiwala is not just a place for quick snacks; it also offers a variety of hearty breakfast options. The Desi Breakfast platter, featuring items like omelettes, parathas, and halwa, is a fantastic way to start your day with an authentic, delicious meal.

Mango Lassi

No meal is complete without a refreshing beverage, and Chaiiwala’s Mango Lassi is a beloved choice. It’s a creamy, sweet, and fruity yogurt-based drink that complements the spicy and flavorful dishes perfectly.

Food at Chaiiwala in UK

FAQs on Chaiiwala Menu in UK

What is Chaiiwala, and when was it established in the UK?

Chaiiwala is a popular fast-food chain in the UK known for its Indian-inspired street food and beverages. It was established in the UK in 2015, bringing the flavors of Indian chai and snacks to British shores.

Is Chaiiwala a halal-certified restaurant in the UK?

Yes, Chaiiwala is known for serving halal food in its UK outlets. They take pride in offering halal-certified options for their customers, ensuring that their menu aligns with Islamic dietary guidelines.

Does Chaiiwala offer vegetarian or vegan menu options in the UK?

Yes, Chaiiwala offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan menu options. You can enjoy dishes like vegetable samosas, vegetarian paratha rolls, and more. Be sure to check the menu for specific vegan or vegetarian items.

About Chaiiwala

Chaiiwala’s journey in the United Kingdom is a remarkable tale of blending cultural heritage with the ever-evolving British food scene. Established in 2015, this unique fast-food chain was inspired by the bustling streets of India, where chai (tea) and street snacks are an integral part of daily life. Chaiiwala sought to bring this rich culinary experience to the UK, offering a fusion of traditional Indian flavors and the convenience of fast-food dining. The founders recognized a gap in the market for authentic, affordable, and halal-certified Indian snacks, tea, and street food, which set the stage for the brand’s origin.

What truly catapulted Chaiiwala to popularity in the UK was its unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. They introduced the British public to the vibrant and aromatic world of Indian street food, offering a diverse menu that included everything from spicy kebabs to samosas, along with an array of chai variations. The concept resonated with a wide audience, from students seeking affordable and flavorful meals to families and professionals in search of a quick and tasty culinary adventure.

The restaurant’s embrace of halal cuisine also appealed to a broad range of customers. Over the years, word-of-mouth recommendations, social media buzz, and enthusiastic reviews contributed to Chaiiwala’s rising popularity, solidifying its status as a beloved destination for those seeking a unique taste of India in the heart of the UK.

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