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Amorino Menu & Prices in UK 2024

Amorino Menu & Prices in UK

Amorino has been serving gelato and sorbets in the UK since 2002, and here you can find all the items in their menu from artisanal gelato to refreshing sorbets to indulgent crepes, along with their prices.

Amorino Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in UK as of March 2nd, 2024.

Ice Cream Cups

Menu ItemPrice
Extra Large Cup£9.90
Regular Cup£6.90
Large Cup£7.90
Small Cup£5.90

Ice Cream Tubs

Menu ItemPrice
550ml Tub + 2 Empty Cones£19.90
1100ml Tub£29.90

Ice Cream Macarons

Menu ItemPrice
Tete a Tete£23.90
Box of 12£27.50
Box of 4 Giant Gelato Macarons£21.00

Traditional Macarons

Menu ItemPrice
Traditional Macarons£27.50

Make your own Waffles, Crepes, Brioche

Menu ItemPrice
Make your own Gelato Crepe£8.90
Make your own Gelato Waffle£8.90
Make your own Brioche£8.90


Menu ItemPrice
Make your own Sundae£9.20
Caramel and Vanilla Sundae£9.20
Inimitabile and Vanilla Sundae£9.20
Pistachio and Amarena Sundae£9.20
Strawberry & Lemon Sundae£9.20


Menu ItemPrice
Espresso Frappe£7.90
Vegan Milkshake£7.90

Hot Chocolate

Menu ItemPrice
Hot Chocolate 8oz£4.90
Italian Mocaccino£5.90
Vegan Hot Chocolate 8oz£5.20


Menu ItemPrice
Empty Cone£0.70
Caramel Sauce£1.90
Whipped Cream£2.00
Gianduja (Hazelnut Chocolate) Sauce£1.90
400G Wafer Tin£8.00


Menu ItemPrice
San Pallegrino Sparkling Water 500ml£2.50
Diet Coke£2.50
Evian Still Water 500ml£2.50
San Pellegrino Orange£2.50

Most Popular items on Amorino Menu

Amorino, the renowned Italian gelato and sorbet chain, has been captivating dessert lovers in the UK since 2002. With a commitment to crafting the finest gelato and sorbet using natural ingredients, Amorino has become a haven for those seeking sweet indulgence. To help you navigate their delightful menu, here are seven of the most popular and delectable items that you absolutely must savor.

Gelato Flower Cone

Amorino’s signature creation is the Gelato Flower Cone, where skilled artisans artfully shape the gelato into a flower-like swirl, allowing you to enjoy multiple flavors in a single cone.

Mango Sorbet

The Mango Sorbet is a refreshing, dairy-free delight that captures the pure essence of ripe mangoes, making it a popular choice for a guilt-free treat.

Tiramisu Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato combines the classic Italian dessert with creamy gelato, offering a luscious blend of coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa for an authentic taste.

Crepe with Nutella

Indulge in a warm, freshly-made crepe filled with Nutella, the beloved hazelnut chocolate spread. It’s a dessert that’s hard to resist.

Dark Chocolate Sorbet

For the chocolate aficionados, the Dark Chocolate Sorbet is a bittersweet revelation, showcasing the intensity of dark chocolate without dairy.

Pistachio Gelato

Amorino’s Pistachio Gelato is a fan-favorite, delivering the rich, nutty flavor of pistachios in every creamy spoonful.


The Affogato is a delightful marriage of a scoop of gelato and a shot of hot espresso, creating a contrast of temperatures and flavors that’s both bold and comforting.

Food at Amorino in UK

FAQs on Amorino Menu in UK

When did Amorino first arrive in the UK, and where are their locations located?

Amorino established its presence in the UK in 2002. They have multiple locations across the country. To find the nearest one, you can check their website or use their store locator.

What makes Amorino gelato and sorbet unique compared to other dessert options?

Amorino is known for its commitment to using natural and high-quality ingredients, creating gelato and sorbet with authentic Italian flavors. Their signature Gelato Flower Cone is also a unique and artistic way to enjoy multiple flavors at once.

Do they offer dairy-free or vegan options for customers with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Amorino provides a selection of sorbets that are dairy-free and suitable for vegans, allowing those with dietary restrictions to enjoy their delicious offerings.

About Amorino

Amorino, the celebrated Italian gelato and sorbet chain, embarked on its journey in the UK in 2002, bringing a taste of Italy’s sweet traditions to British shores. Founded by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino’s story is one of a shared passion for crafting artisanal gelato using only the finest ingredients. With a commitment to the authenticity of Italian gelato, they introduced a unique and artistic twist to their offerings, presenting their gelato in the iconic shape of a flower, allowing customers to savor multiple flavors in a single serving. Since its inception, Amorino has flourished in the UK, earning a reputation for its premium gelato and sorbet, setting a high standard for artisanal frozen treats and elevating the dessert experience to a work of art.

Over the years, Amorino has expanded its footprint, delighting dessert enthusiasts in various locations across the UK. Their dedication to the craft of gelato and the use of natural, high-quality ingredients has made them a beloved name in the country’s dessert scene. With a focus on both flavor and presentation, Amorino has created a unique and joyful way to savor the sweetness of life, making each visit to their stores a delightful and artful experience.

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Alternatives to Amorino in UK

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  3. Dolcino – Dolcino is a dessert and gelato cafe with a menu featuring a wide assortment of gelato flavors, crepes, waffles, and sweet treats, making it a great destination for dessert lovers.
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  5. Snowflake Gelato – Snowflake Gelato is a gelateria chain that focuses on crafting traditional Italian gelato using fresh and natural ingredients. They offer a variety of flavors, sundaes, and indulgent desserts, creating a delightful gelato experience.

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